Personal Air Taxi 200 (PAT200)

VerdeGo Aero
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

VerdeGo Aero is based at the MicaPlex Aerospace Innovation Complex in the Embry-Riddle Research Park in Daytona, FL.

The company is developing a quiet, 2-seat, hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft designed for commercial use in short-range urban transportation networks. The PAT200 has 8 electric propulsion pods on a dual-tilt wing platform. The propellers on the rear wing are pushers and tilt down for vertical flight, while the propellers on the canard are tractors, tilting up for VTOL mode.

Multiple prototypes are currently under development and will be flying in 2018. VerdeGo Aero is already working with fleet operators to ensure that the aircraft is optimized for the needs of the commercial market. VerdeGo Aero has multiple patents pending on unique aspects of its eVTOL aircraft, and envisions numerous applications, from urban air mobility to disaster relief and cargo delivery.


Top View
Front View

Trifan 600 Characteristics (Dec 2017)

Passengers 2
Useful load 227 kg 500 lb
Typical Flight 30-60 km 20-40 mi
Max Cruise Speed 240 kph 150 mph
Configuration Dual tilt-wing
Propulsion 8 electric motors driving independent rotors
Energy Storage Onboard generator – liquid fuel Capable of multiple revenue flights between refueling stops



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