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AirspaceX MOBi

AirspaceX MOBi

Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX)
Detroit, Michigan, USA

The MOBi is a tilt-wing aircraft under development with a modular payload design.

The electric vehicle will employ six propellers on a tilt-wing, One set of propellers is on each end of the 12 m wingspan. Each wing also has two more sets of propellers closer inboard which are stacked vertically under and over the wing. The MOBi will be able to fly autonomously or can be pilot assisted. Its modular design will let it fly five passengers or 453 kg of cargo at speeds of 241 km/h for a distance of 104 km (specifications make mention of a turbo-prop version that would have a range of 416 km).

The modular design will allow easy switch-out pods that will expand the MOBi’s utility. It will function as an air taxi, passenger transport, medical EVAC, CASEVAC (evacuation of wounded under battlefield conditions) and for tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). A pod shaped ground car to go beyond vertiports has also been proposed.

Airspace Experience Technologies, LLC (ASX), a subsidiary of the Detroit Aircraft Corporation, has a goal of 2,500 MOBi vehicles in the United States' 50 largest cities by 2026. The cost for a passenger ride would “be about the same as an UberBLACK ride” (roughly $4-6 dollars per km).

A subscale version has been flying since 2018. Work on a full-sized prototype is on-going. No estimate on the initial test-flight has been announced.

AirSpaceX Photos

AirSpaceX MOBi Characteristics (updated January 2018):

Range 56 nautical miles 104 kilometer
Cruise Velocity 240 kph 130 kts
Compatible Payload 2-4 Passenger cabin Cargo > 200 kg (440 lb)
Connectivity Broadband internet, V2X collision avoidance and safety messaging.
Payload Types Passenger, Cargo, MED-EVAC, CAS-EVAC, Tactical ISR, Research
Flight Control Fully Autonomous & Pilot Assisted
Length 30 ft 9 m
Height 10 ft 3 m
Width 40 ft 12 m


A new version, designated MOBi-ONE, was announced on Jan. 15, 2018 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan.