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Cartivator SkyDrive

Tokyo, Japan

The Cartivator is an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) two person multicopter.

The electric vehicle is 3.6 m long, 1.1 m high and 3.1 m wide in flight. Images vary but it consists of a cockpit with two forward and two aft vertical propellers extended beyond and below the fuselage sides. Target maximum speed is 100 km/h and the average travel speed is expected to be 60 km/h with a 50 m altitude. Its maximum take-off weight will be 400 kg and it will carry two people.

Cartivator says it “is organized by a group of young volunteers who work in the automotive and aviation industries as well as a startup company. Our mission is ‘Connecting dreams to the next generation through mobility’. Our team consists of people with diverse professional backgrounds and are working hard every weekend towards developing the flying car. We aim to build a prototype, establish theory of flight control, as well as form alliances with major corporations to make mass production of the flying car a reality."

The official start-up, SkyDrive, was established in July 2018.

On December 13 2018 the volunteer group Cartivator and SkyDrive succeeded in its first test flight of a scaled model.

Cartivator SkyDrive Characteristics (July 2017):

Length 9.51 ft 2.9 m
Height 3.6 ft 1.1 m
Width 4.26 ft 1.3 m
Flight Altitude (Target) ~32.8 ft ~10 m
Maximum Flight Speed (Target) 62.1 mph 100 km/h
Maximum Driving Speed (Target) 93.2 mph 150 km/h