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Electric Jet Aircraft VertiCoupe



Electric Jet Aircraft
Anderson, Indiana, USA

Pete Bitar founded Electric Jet Aircraft in 2018 in Indiana, USA, pursuing a lifelong goal to build an electric powered jetpack. Electric Jet Aircraft’s VertiCycle is an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) hoverbike and a competitor in Boeing's GoFly Prize (USA) competition.

Bitar started testing electric components for eVTOL aircraft in 2013 and originally wanted to make an eVTOL aircraft for agricultural applications but Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory rules would have been difficult to overcome for the aircraft. He decided instead to make small ultralight Part 103 personal aircraft instead with the first invention to be an all-electric personal jetpack. Then continued making other types of personal eVTOL aircraft.

The VertiCoupe is a two passenger eVTOL aircraft with six ducted fans which are a plug-and-play modular propulsion system. The cockpit of the aircraft is roomy and has many windows allowing forward, left, right, top and bottom visibility, for spectacular views. The power source is 100% battery power. The aircraft has tricycle fixed landing gear reducing the complexity of the aircraft. 

The aircraft is small enough to make Urban Air Mobility (UAM) easy to accomplish as most people travel alone or in pairs. The small aircraft will also allow traveling in a city to be easy when flying between buildings and allowing passengers to land in many smaller landing pads. 

The VertiCoupe is expected to used for in personal and commercial Urban Air Mobility, and the aircraft will also be marketed for military air transportation applications as well. 


  • Aircraft type: eVTOL aircraft
  • Capacity: 2 passengers
  • Cruise speed: Unknown
  • Range: Unknown
  • Propulsion: 6 electric ducted fans
  • Motor type: 4 - 25kw electric motors w/400 amp ESCs
  • Energy type: Batteries (LiPo) 40 kwh @ 290 wh/kg
  • Windows: Panoramic windows with a wrap around window design allowing forward, left, right, top and bottom visibility, for spectacular views
  • Fuselage: Carbon fiber composite
  • Landing gear: Tricycle landing gear
  • Safety features: Ballistic parachute with retro rocket system