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XPeng HT Aero Flying Car


XPeng HT Aero Flying Car
XPeng HT Aero
Guangzhou, China

Founded in 2014 by He Xiaopeng, Henry Xia and He Tao, Xpeng Motors is a leading Chinese all-electric vehicle and technology company that designs, develops and manufactures intelligent automobiles that are seamlessly integrated with the Internet and utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The company is beginning to make electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The company's headquarters are located in Guangzhou, China.

The company's manufacturing philosophy centers around quality, continuous improvement, flexibility and high operating efficiency. XPeng's goal is to make smart electric vehicles with technology and data, and shape the consumer mobility experience of the future. XPeng went public in the U.S. in August 2020 and has completed a dual-primary listing in Hong Kong.

XPeng's affiliate, HT Aero, reported that it was developing a roadable eVTOL on October 24, 2021. While relatively few details of the aircraft's technical specifications have been made available, it appears to use a pair of rotors for lift and operate in a very similar fashion to a sports car while in its ground configuration. The rotors fold into the craft, reducing its profile when driving. According to a panel conducted by HT Aero, the aircraft will also use a safety system to evaluate weather conditions and incorporate an auto-pilot feature, parachute, and redundant power systems.