A3 Vahana 3

A³ by Airbus
Santa Clara, California, USA

Financed by Airbus. Exploring tilting Distributed Electric Propulsion on Vahana. Single-seat 8-prop flying prototype planned for late 2017. Small-scale models have been flying to test out the concept.

Vahana overview
Vahana overview
Vahana dimensions
Vahana dimensions
Vahana sideview

A³ Vahana Characteristics (updated June 2017)

Fuselage length 19 ft 5.8 m
Overall height 9 ft 2.75 m
Wingspan 20 ft 6 m
Tip-to-tip distance 24 ft 7.3 m
Empty weight not available
Max gross takeoff wt 1,600 lb 725 kg
Useful load not available
Cruise speed 95 kt 175 km/h
Propulsors 8 propellers
Motor output 60 hp 8x 45 kW
Power type electric/batteries
Passenger capacity 1
First Flight 2017