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Doroni Yellowjacket Y6


Yellowjacket Y6
Doroni LLC
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Founder and CEO Doron Merdinger started the Doroni company in 2016 because he believes the technology is now here to make the future of traveling clean and wheelless. Merdinger from the start, wants his electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to be available to purchase from the consumer, businesses and governments. "Why limit the future?," says Merdinger, "Allow everyone to buy these (aircraft)."

The number one priority of the company is passenger safety. The aircraft has to be completely safe. The additional goals for the aircraft will be for the aircraft to be very easy to use (simpler than driving a car), fast Urban Air Mobility (UAM), affordable to everyone and no exhaust pollution. The eVTOL aircraft will have multiple ways for controlling the aircraft including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensor systems. 

Currently, the company has designed a total of three aircraft, including two concept designs and one prototype. The company has an international team of engineers and designers prototype building, testing and ultimately, designing their production aircraft. The company is building a production prototype now but is not available for public viewing.

Yellowjacket Y6 is a 3D printed full scale prototype with aluminium airframe, one passenger eVTOL urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft. The color of the prototype reflects the name of the aircraft. The company used 3D printing to make the plastic parts of the aircraft, such as the seat and the propeller nacelles. The aircraft is also self-balancing. This prototype might have been flight tested but we have not confirmed this. The name Y6, is decoded with the Y denoting the airframe configuration and the 6 denotes the six sets of propellers. 

The company predicts their eVTOL aircraft will eliminate the need for all roads. The company is also looking for investors. The company foresees that after a successful launch of their product their estimate for the first year in sales will be five million USD. The company plans to launch their first eVTOL aircraft in 2023. In addition to the Yellowjacket Y6, Doroni is also developing the Doroni-X8 and Doroni Carbon One.


  • Aircraft type: eVTOL
  • Piloting: Manual and automatic flying controls, with two joysticks for flight control
  • Capacity: 1 
  • Propellers: 6
  • Electric Motors: 6
  • Windows: Open cockpit
  • Landing gear: Short fixed landing gear 
  • Dimensions: 8 feet, 11 inches (272 cm) length X 7 feet, 10 inches (238 cm) width 
  • Safety Features: The aircraft can take over the flying of the aircraft, if the passenger makes a mistake during flight because the aircraft will have Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep the passenger safe. The aircraft is also self-balancing. Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP), provides safety through redundancy for its passengers and/or cargo. DEP means having multiple propellers and motors on the aircraft so if one or more motors or propellers fail, the other working motors and propellers can safely land the aircraft.