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Samad Starling Jet

Starling Jet
Samad Aerospace Ltd.
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

The Samad Aerospace Starling Jet is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) electric jet that will carry passengers on regional and short-haul flights.

The Starling will be an electric/hybrid gas-electric business jet. When the gas turbine is employed in cruise mode it will help recharge batteries. It is a fixed wing aircraft with a V-tail. Three jet engines are fixed above the wings and tail. For VTOL the fuselage opens sliding hatches for two fixed vertical propellers and the engines fixed on the wings extend cowlings that angle 90 degrees down for four VTOL points of thrust. Should the jet slip below stall speed it will automatically adjust to hover. Speed will be 740 km/h with a range of 2,414 km and a ceiling of 9,100 m. The vehicle will carry up to ten people. While Samad is working toward autonomous flight they also plan for a fly-by-the-wire system and an operator with 20 hours of emergency training to be at the controls.

The Starling will be able to use vertiports and small landing areas. The market is for business and luxury travel markets.

A 20% sized model completed testing in June 2018 with a full scale aircraft for tests is expected in March 2019. Sales are expected by 2024. The Starling is will cost about ten million dollars.

Samad Aerospace’s aircraft are venture-capital funded.