LiliumJet first flight, April 2017

Lilium Jet
Lilium GmbH
Gilching, Germany

The Lilium Jet “Eagle” prototype is a two-seat aircraft intended to fly at a cruising speed of 300 km/h (160 kt) with a payload of 200 kg (440 lb); maximum speed is 400 km/h (240 kt). The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 640 kg (1,410 lb) thus falling into the Light Sport Aircraft category, and so can be operated by a holder of a Sport Pilots License. The Lilium Jet has a total of 36 electric fans: 12 on the upper surface of each wing and two rows of three fans on each side of the canard, which was designed to be retracted in cruise flight. Both the canards and the wing fans can tilt beyond 90 degrees for vertical flight. The company also studied design where the wings could fold forward to allow the aircraft to be driven like a car, and recharge overnight from a standard residential electrical outlet.

After announcing the first flight of the two-seater, Lilium released drawings and information on their revised plan for a five-seat aircraft with a much longer, non-retractable canard, now with all 12 fans in a row. Originally called “Lilium Aviation” the company also rebranded as “Lilium” at this time.

The company is supported by Atomico, the European Space Agency (ESA), European Union and the Technical University of Munich. Led by Daniel Wiegand.

Lilium Jet “Eagle” Characteristics (updated April 2017)

Fuselage length not available
Overall height not available
Wingspan not available
Tip-to-tip distance not available
Empty weight 970 lb 440 kg
Max gross takeoff wt 1,410 lb 640 kg
Useful load 440 lb 200 kg
Cruise speed 160 kt 300 km/h
Propulsors 36 ducted fans
Motor output not available
Power type electric/batteries
Passenger capacity 2
First Flight (unmanned) April 2017
5-seat Lilium Jet concept



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