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Lilium Revises Target to 2025 for Certification
  • 30 Apr 2022 01:34 AM
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Lilium Revises Target to 2025 for Certification

Germany-based eVTOL developer Lilium is aiming to receive its initial type certificate of its seven-seat Lilium Jet from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in 2025. In a blog post on March 30, Lilium CEO Daniel Wiegand said that the company plans to begin building its first production aircraft next year, before launching a 15-to-18-month test campaign. The company has adjusted its timeline — it had previously thought it could receive the type certificate from EASA in 2024 — based on discussions with regulators and the current aircraft design status. 

Meanwhile, Lilium announced on April 4 that it has resumed flight testing of its five-seat Phoenix 2, the second aircraft of its fifth generation vehicle (the first one was lost in a battery fire in February 2020). The tests, which are now being held at the ATLAS Flight Test Center in Villacarrillo, Jaen in Spain, will involve transitioning to high-speed flight and take place over the next few months. Lilium also intends to introduce a second demonstrator, the previously unannounced Phoenix 3, at the test site this summer. Lilium announced its plan to relocate flight testing from Germany to Spain in November. 

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