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AutoFlightX BAT600 (defunct)

BAT600 (defunct)
AutoFlightX GmbH
Gilching, Germany

AutoFlightX was founded in February of 2018 by Yu Tian, creator of Chinese drone company Yuneec International. The company hopes to have a flying prototype by the end of 2018.

The BAT600 was designed by Yuneec in 2017, so it is currently unclear as to whether AutoFlightX is developing this design or another. The BAT600 can either be ordered as completely battery powered or as hybrid electric. The aircraft has two forward and two rear coaxial positions for eight lifting propellers, as well as one pusher propeller for flight mode as well as a fixed wing.

On July 17, 2018, it was announced that the company would join Volocopter, Lilium, and Quantum Systems at the new Oberpfaffenhofen eVTOL test facility. As of April 2019, the AutoFlightX website does not mention the BAT600 aircraft and was probably the first or at least, a past design concept which is now defunct. The aircraft that replaced the BAT600 concept design is the V600 prototype. AutoFlightX is also developing a cargo craft named the V880.


Passengers 2
Flight Time 2 hours electric


5 hours hybrid

Take-off Weight 600 kg


1322.77 lbs

Maximum Speed 100 k/h


62.14 mph

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