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AeroMobil 5.0 eVTOL Flying Car Planned
  • 01 Apr 2018 09:24 AM
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AeroMobil 5.0 eVTOL Flying Car Planned

Bratislava, Slovakia-based AeroMobil s.r.o. was founded in 2010 to develop vehicles that can convert from street-legal automobiles to aircraft, though the AeroMobil design has been in development since 1990. The company flew its 3.0 short takeoff and landing (STOL) design in 2013 and announced its 4.0 production model in April 2017, capable of STOL operations from 650 ft (200 m) grass strips; the company is currently taking pre-orders for the vehicle.

On March 21, AeroMobil unveiled its latest iteration of its flying car series: the “AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL is a concept for our future electric 4-seater flying taxi combining flight with driving capability. It will have vertical take-off and landing capability and incorporates pragmatic development approach and experience with our previous prototypes.” The AeroMobil 5.0 has two electrically driven propellers for VTOL with horizontal thrust being provided by an electric-powered rear-mounted pusher propeller.

The company said that the production of the AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL model will follow the AeroMobil 4.0 STOL rollout, which will be available in a limited series to private owners around the world in 2020. The company said it expects the AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL concept to be available within the next seven to ten years, in line with the reality of building and scaling the infrastructure and regulation for personal transportation.

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