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Airbus Starts Testing CityAirbus Iron Bird
  • 01 Feb 2018 02:40 PM
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Airbus Starts Testing CityAirbus Iron Bird

In mid-December, Airbus Helicopters began testing the “iron bird” for its four-passenger CityAirbus quad-duct eVTOL in Taufkirchen, Germany. The test bench operates the entire electric propulsion system, developed by Airbus’ E-Aircraft Systems unit, from flight controls to the dynamic loads of the propellers, verifying the electrical, mechanical and thermal dynamics. The test bench configuration reflects the CityAirbus architecture including motors, power electronics and distribution boxes developed and produced in cooperation with Siemens.

After being maturated and verified on the iron bird, the propulsion system will be embedded on the CityAirbus demonstrator by mid-2018 for a first flight later this year.

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