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Bell Broadens its eVTOL Team
  • 02 Jan 2019 10:11 AM
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Bell Broadens its eVTOL Team

Bell announced new membership in its eVTOL air taxi development team. In addition to various companies revealed over the past several months — including Garmin, Honeywell and Safran — the Ft. Worth, Texas, company announced that Thales, Electric Power Systems (EPS) and Moog would also join its team. Bell meanwhile published another patent on Oct. 23, which showed another possible eVTOL approach that the company may be pursing. US patent 10,106,253 B2, “Tilting ducted fan aircraft generating a pitch control moment” describes a twin-ducted fan passenger aircraft with a centrifugal fan blowing air through a dorsal vent for pitch control.



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