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CAE Report Sounds Alarm on Pilot Training
  • 29 Jun 2021 04:11 PM
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CAE Report Sounds Alarm on Pilot Training

Montreal, Canada-based CAE, Inc., a leading simulator and training solutions provider, published a 15-page “Pilot Training for Advanced Air Mobility” report on June 1. The report notes that (the COVID-19 pandemic impact notwithstanding), the global aviation industry has struggled to recruit and train enough experienced pilots to fill the cockpits of airlines, business aviation and helicopter operators. The launch of AAM operations will further increase demand for professional pilots beginning in 2023–25, the report said, noting a 2020 McKinsey & Company article that predicted the need for 60,000 pilots by 2028.

“An experienced aircraft manufacturer of a conventional airplane or rotorcraft with an established training and licensing structure will typically launch the program development at least 36 months before start of commercial operations,” the report states. “This includes the development of the syllabus, courseware, and training equipment. These programs must be reviewed and approved by CAAs [civil aviation authorities] before any non-experimental pilot training can take place — a precursor to operators building the first cadre of pilots to operate these vehicles.”

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Great work


Utilize retiring/retired helicopter pilots who have decades of flying experience in similar situations and conditions of low altitude, dense urban topography and ever constant threat of birds, weather etc. Certain regulatory tweaks maybe required in terms of age and medical relaxations but you get pilots with seasoned aviation 'sense' which is so much required for this nascent sector.

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