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Dufour Launches Aero2 Drone
  • 21 Dec 2021 08:48 AM
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Dufour Launches Aero2 Drone

Zurich, Switzerland-based eVTOL company Dufour Aerospace launched the Aero2 as its first commercially available product in their tilt-wing eVTOL family on Nov. 4. Aero2 is designed as a multi-purpose small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) with “an unmatched operational flexibility and low operating cost.” This planned commercial drone is based on the subscale flight test demonstrator the company has been flying since 2020 to develop their Aero3 tiltwing eVTOL for passenger transport and search and rescue (SAR). The Aero2 has a payload of up to 88 lb (40 kg), a maximum take-off weight of 330 lb (150 kg) and a maximum flight time of one hour in all-electric configuration and up to three hours with a hybrid-electric propulsion system. Dufour said the Aero2 was designed to fully comply with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) “Special Condition for Light Unmanned Aerial Systems,” and would be “suitable for a wide variety of customer applications.”

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