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e-volo’s 2X Ready for Production
  • 02 May 2017 09:25 AM
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e-volo’s 2X Ready for Production

At the AERO Friedrichshafen trade show in Germany, e-volo GmbH announced its second eVTOL model: “After six years of development, e-volo is presenting the Volocopter 2X … powered purely by electricity and capable of carrying 2 passengers.” The 2X is refined over the previous VC200 demonstrator. In addition to a much greater payload and cabin refinements, it features a raised more elegant multi-copter assembly, and a battery changing system that allows for swapping batteries within minutes.

The full specifications for the 2X were also released, including a maximum speed of 54 kt (100 km/h), and an endurance of “27 min at an optimal ‘flight time’ cruise speed of 50 km/h (31 mph)” at a maximum takeoff weight of 990 lb (450 kg).

According to e-volo, the 2X has been developed for approval as an ultralight aircraft and should receive a “Multicopter” type certification being created under the new German ultralight category in 2018. With this type certificate, series production of the 2X can start for the German air sports market. The 2X will also demonstrate its use as a flying taxi in pilot projects — several pre-series models will conduct demonstrations later this year.

Source: World premiere of the Volocopter series model 2X – The flying taxi is just about to be launched onto the market

e-volo 2X Volocopter, April 2017
The e-volo 2X (foreground) is a refined version of the VC200 demonstrator (background)


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