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Heaviside for Emergency Use
  • 02 May 2021 09:54 PM
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Heaviside for Emergency Use

On Feb. 24, emergency response and healthcare company Falck announced a collaboration with Kitty Hawk to consider its high-performance, single-seat Heaviside eVTOL for emergency response operations. As of that date, Kitty Hawk had built 13 Heaviside prototypes and made more than 700 test flights, primarily unmanned. With Heaviside, Falck said it “plans to test and evaluate new technologies on a large scale, making emergency healthcare more accessible and affordable.” Falck said it expects to introduce Heaviside in collaboration with customers in its home country, Denmark, followed by the United States. This new effort adds to Falck's drone initiative, Vertical, which aims to assess the potential of drone technology in the prehospital and ambulance services of the future.

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