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Heaviside Grows
  • 29 Jun 2021 02:55 PM
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Heaviside Grows

Forbes.com revealed on June 11 that Kitty Hawk is developing a two-seat version of its Heaviside aircraft. According to the article, the aircraft will “operate autonomously for the most part while being overseen by a pilot on the ground who will handle multiple aircraft at a time. The remote pilot will communicate with air traffic controllers and deal with situations that Heaviside’s artificial intelligence brains can’t.” The new version has grown from about 900 lb (400 kg) to 2,200 lb (1,000 kg), but maintains the range of the 100-miles (160-km) plus reserves and 180-mph (290-km/h) cruise speed.

In addition, Kitty Hawk has joined the US Air Force’s Agility Prime initiative to explore possible dual uses for Heaviside. In May, the company and US Air Force operators, engineers and test professionals assessed the ability to use Heaviside for medical evacuation, personnel recovery and logistics.

Meanwhile, Kitty Hawk parted ways with its longtime general manager, Damon Vander Lind. The company recently acquired 3D Robotics and former CEO Chris Anderson has been appointed as the Kitty Hawk Chief Operating Officer in a personnel shuffle.

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