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HTO Unveils Hydrogen Prism
  • 28 Oct 2020 10:10 PM
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HTO Unveils Hydrogen Prism

On Sept. 2, startup Happy Takeoff (HTO) unveiled its hydrogen-powered Prism eVTOL concept at the VFS 3rd Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure for UAM. The company is currently developing a remote-controlled, subscale hydrogen-electric VTOL aircraft, with plans to start flight tests by March 2021. HTO is in also designing the full-scale production prototype, expected to hold six passengers and have a 380-mile (612-km) flight range. In addition to its utility as an urban flying air taxi, the company sees the Prism aircraft being useful as an air ambulance service, search and rescue, firefighting, medical logistics, disaster response, etc. Happy Takeoff projects that the cost of flying eVTOL aircraft powered by fuel cells, including the costs of all support facilities, would be one-third less than the cost of flying with a battery-powered eVTOL aircraft. HTO was founded in 2019 by Danielle McLean, CEO; Rachel Locks, COO; and Dominique McLean, CTO. Darold Cummings, president of consulting company ForzAero, is the aircraft designer. (Source: HTO)

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