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Hyundai Partners with Urban-Air Port
  • 28 Aug 2020 06:13 PM
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Hyundai Partners with Urban-Air Port

On July 30, Urban-Air Port, Ltd., and Hyundai Air Mobility (a Hyundai Motor Group division) announced a partnership to explore new, purpose-built, multifunctional and scalable infrastructure to enable UAM. Hyundai plans to invest $1.5B in UAM over the next five years to create an air vehicle and the supporting mobility ecosystem for UAM operations. Hyundai forecasts the air mobility market will be worth nearly $1.5T over the next 20 years. The company noted: “While vehicle development is crucial and underway, an urgent need for appropriate ground infrastructure remains one of the biggest constraints on the growing sector, according to NASA and industry leaders.” The Urban-Air Port design has a 60% smaller footprint than a traditional heliport or nearest-state-of-the-art “vertiports,” allowing for quick and easy installation in space-limited urban sites. Its modular, flat-pack structure results in a costeffective, transportable and rapidly deployable new form of infrastructure. Urban-Air Port, Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Six Miles Across London Limited (small.) (Sources: Hyundai Air Mobility)

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