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Joby and NASA Test eVTOL Acoustics
  • 25 Oct 2021 12:46 AM
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Joby and NASA Test eVTOL Acoustics

NASA and Joby Aviation conducted a series of flight tests as part of the agency's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign. The tests — which occurred at Joby’s flight test range in California and ran from Aug. 30 to Sept. 10 — were designed to collect performance and acoustic data that will be used in modeling and simulation of future airspace concepts. Over the course of two weeks, NASA deployed its Mobile Acoustics Facility and more than 50 pressure ground-plate microphones, data from which allow engineers to compare noise emissions from eVTOL aircraft to those from airplanes, helicopters and drones. The event marked the first time NASA has tested an eVTOL aircraft as part of the campaign, which will involve additional events at other locations in the US over a period of several years. The next campaign event, dubbed NC-1, will occur in 2022 and involve more complex flight tests and other AAM vehicles. “These testing scenarios will help inform gaps in current standards to benefit the industry’s progress of integrating AAM vehicles into the airspace,” said Davis Hackenberg, NASA AAM mission integration manager, in a press release.

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