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LuftCar Partners
  • 27 Aug 2022 12:35 AM
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LuftCar Partners

LuftCar has engaged in a series of partnerships designed to accelerate its work on its eponymous eVTOL aircraft/ground vehicle and support the company’s drive to commercialization. On April 12, the Orlando, Florida-based eVTOL developer revealed that it has partnered with two airports in Germany where it will develop a prototype for a hydrogen-powered air and road eVTOL vehicle, and demonstrate use cases for last mile operations. On June 10, LuftCar announced that Bosch Aviation will provide the balance of plant hydrogen fuel cell components to support the LuftCar. Then, on July 29, LuftCar announced that it has partnered with Neurobotx, a UK-based AI and robotics company. Neurobotx will provide its extended reality (XR) platform to assist with developing, testing and validating air vehicle concepts and operations.

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