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Manta Aircraft Expands Network
  • 21 Dec 2021 09:13 AM
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Manta Aircraft Expands Network

In November, Manta Aircraft, a Switzerland-based developer of hybrid-electric vertical and/or short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) aircraft, announced five new partnerships. On Nov. 9, Manta announced that it had partnered with Kineton, Pantecnica, Powerflex and Pietro Rosa on the development of its electric V/STOL aircraft, ANN. Kineton will contribute to the development of the software for ANN, while Pantecnica and Powerflex will assist with aerospace qualification testing and the design of other onboard systems. Pietro Rosa, a company specializing in engine components, will also support the development of the propulsion system. On Nov. 17, Manta announced that it had partnered with Foviatech GmbH on the integration of AI solutions on eVTOL aircraft to optimize flight controls. The company has been flying a one-third scale model of its ANN2 “Speeder” since 2020 (shown). The two-seat ANN2 has eight ducted lift fans and is intended to cruise above 160 kt (300 km/h).

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