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Moya eVTOL Takes Flight
  • 21 Dec 2023 12:49 AM
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Moya eVTOL Takes Flight

Moya Aero announced that it completed the first flight of a prototype of the Moya eVTOL uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) on Nov. 15, the Brazilian company announced on Dec. 4. The company conducted a five-minute hover flight at Fazenda Maristela Airport, located on the outskirts of São José dos Campos. The flight of the high-capacity cargo drone prototype marks the beginning of a flight test campaign, one designed to prepare the eVTOL aircraft to enter service in 2026. The full-scale aircraft is expected to have a payload capacity of 200 kg (441 lb) and range of 110 km (68 mi), according to the VFS World eVTOL Aircraft Directory. Moya Aero has secured letters of intent to purchase from multiple entities totaling more than 100 of its aircraft, according to a Moya press release. On Oct. 20, N2 Infrastructure Technologies, a Canadian startup seeking to use the aircraft for logistics operations, became the latest to express its interest in the drone, formalizing an intent to purchase four of the aircraft.

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