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New eVTOL Galleries
  • 21 Nov 2022 12:20 PM
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New eVTOL Galleries

The Vertical Flight Society has posted several additional photo albums of eVTOL aircraft and events at https://gallery.vtol.org/albums. These VFS and industry events highlight the latest developments from several of the leading developers in the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry:

  1. AAM Infrastructure Workshop, Sept. 20-21: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/HL3l
  2. AAM Infrastructure Workshop Tour, Sept. 22: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/HF8A  
  3. Tier 1 e-R44 flight to Palm Springs, Oct. 29: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/J88Z
  4. Joby @ Marina Airport, Nov. 15: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/HRKx  
  5. Archer Maker flight demo, Nov. 16: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/Hk58  
  6. Archer Maker 2 walkaround, Nov. 16: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/HBac  
  7. Archer Midnight unveiling pre-brief, Nov. 16: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/H5FS (in work)
  8. Archer Midnight unveiling, Nov. 16: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/HTQ3  
  9. Wisk headquarters, Nov. 17: https://gallery.vtol.org/album/HSJD  

These photos, taken by VFS, are provided to the community royalty free under the Creative Commons copyright license CC-BY SA 4.0, with attribution to "The Vertical Flight Society."

Updated Nov. 27, 2022

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