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TCab E20 Half-Scale Demonstrator Successfully Completes Its Maiden Flight
  • 04 Jan 2022 11:36 PM
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TCab E20 Half-Scale Demonstrator Successfully Completes Its Maiden Flight

Source: TCab Technology, Press Release, Dec. 31, 2021

Translated by Betty Chen, VFS

On December 30, 2021, a half-scale prototype of TCab’s E20 eVTOL aircraft completed its maiden flight.

This half-scale demonstrator has a wingspan of 6 meters [19.7 ft], and has further taken on the E20’s aerodynamic characteristics with the addition of flap and variable-pitch rotor configurations.

This flight test will help calibrate the CFD simulation analyses, validate the control strategy of its flight control system, and optimize the flight quality of this tiltrotor aircraft during its conversion corridor. 

Since its establishment in May 2021, TCab has completed the following milestones in less than 8 months:

  • The successful maiden flight of a quarter-scale prototype in August 2021.

  • Began the process of airworthiness certification with CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) in September 2021.

  • Quarter-scale prototype has completed over a hundred full transition flight tests by October 2021.

  • Unveiled the conceptual vertiport design TCab Centre on November 13, 2021.

  • Publicized our full-scale flight demonstrator on December 1, 2021.

  • Successfully completed the maiden flight of the half-scale prototype at the end of December 2021.

Full-scale model of E20 production design.

Founded by a team of passionate engineers who believe three-dimensional transport will soon be a part of our daily lives, TCab strives to create a digital and sustainable transportation ecosystem that provides efficient and enjoyable flight experiences for passengers.

Note: TCab Technology joined the Vertical Flight Society as a corporate member in December 2021. More information about the TCab E20 is found in the VFS World eVTOL Aircraft Directory.

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