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Rolls-Royce Testing at Cranfield Airport
  • 28 Oct 2020 10:50 PM
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Rolls-Royce Testing at Cranfield Airport

According to eVTOL.com, Hari Venkitaraman, a student at Cranfield University, posted a video on Reddit of a large-scale electric tiltwing testbed at Cranfield Airport on Oct. 13. Roll-Royce later confirmed that it was their project: “As part of our activity with Cranfield at the Aerospace Integration Research Centre, we have developed a research rig aimed at helping us understand the propulsion systems requirements for future electric and hybrid-electric aircraft. Following the acquisition of Siemens eAircraft business, we are now firmly focusing our efforts on developing all-electric and hybrid-electric propulsion system technology that can be used across a range of aircraft including eVTOLs. Any commercial introduction of an eVTOL powered by a Rolls-Royce system will involve working in collaboration with a range of strategic partners such as airframers, energy storage, electric motor and power electronics specialists and avionics companies.” The overall aircraft propulsion architecture is similar to a concept design released by Rolls-Royce in July 2018. (Source: eVTOL.com)

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