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  • 16 May 2020 07:18 PM
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Stealth-Mode Archer Startup Poaching UAM Talent

A secretive eVTOL aircraft startup has been reportedly hiring away experienced engineers from other urban air mobility (UAM) companies, according to Aviation Today on April 6. The publication’s unnamed sources said Archer Aviation of Santa Clara, California, has collected a team of about 20 individuals, including previous employees from Kitty Hawk and from Airbus’ Vahana demonstrator team. The sources added that Archer cofounders Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock may be financing the venture with their previous sale of the marketing software-as-a-service company Vettery in 2018 for $100M. The founders’ financial background has led to industry skepticism about their aerospace venture. However, as Avionics pointed out, an “Archer Aviation, Inc.” (registered in New York) does have an aircraft in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registry — N213A-001 — with electric motors and manufactured by the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Program lab of Goldstein’s and Adcock’s alma mater, the University of Florida. (Sources: Aviation Today)

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