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Textron Acquires Pipistrel
  • 01 May 2022 01:57 AM
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Textron Acquires Pipistrel

Textron announced on March 17 that it had finalized an agreement to purchase Pipistrel, the Slovenian developer of electric aircraft. Pipistrel will join Textron eAviation, a new division of the global aerospace firm focused on the development of sustainable aircraft. The acquisition will help Pipistrel accelerate its development and certification of electric and hybrid aircraft, Textron said in a statement. “Textron is committed to maintaining Pipistrel’s brand, headquarters, research and development, and manufacturing in Slovenia and Italy, while making additional investments in Pipistrel for the development and production of future products,” said Textron chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly. Pipistrel founder and CEO Ivo Boscarol will remain a minority shareholder and chairman emeritus for the next two years. The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of 2022. 

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