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TVF2022: Hiller Aviation Museum Tour
  • 03 Mar 2022 10:17 AM
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TVF2022: Hiller Aviation Museum Tour

In conjunction with this year’s Transformative Vertical Flight (TVF2022) meeting, an exclusive opportunity for attendees to see six experimental eVTOL aircraft was held on Friday morning, Jan. 28 at the nearby Hiller Aviation Museum at San Carlos Airport. Later in the day, this was open to the public to see the future of air transportation.

In addition to the Airbus A³ Vahana (“Alpha 2”), an Opener Blackfly V2 and a Kitty Hawk Flyer that are on permanent exhibit, several VFS corporate members also brought their experimental demonstrators to the event. Elroy Air held the world unveiling of its Chaparral C1 uncrewed cargo aircraft, Tier 1 Engineering brought its next generation eR22 electric helicopter and Kitty Hawk displayed its single-seat high-performance Heaviside eVTOL ultralight. Scale models of the Jaunt Journey and the Transcend Air Vy 400 were displayed inside. Key to the knowledge and understanding of the aircraft for the attendees and (later) the public was the availability of company executives and engineers to explain the details of the aircraft and answer questions.

More than 75 photos from the event can be found on the VFS Vertical Flight Photo Gallery at www.vtol.org/gallery.

TVF2022 Resources TVF2022 featured more than 50 technical paper presentations and 50 invited talks from leaders in industry, academia and government.

The papers and presentations are available to all registrants for free download, as is complementary access to the video recordings of all presentations. Go to www.vtol.org/TVF2022 for the links.

Those wishing to purchase this access to all of the meeting PDFs and video recordings, please contact VFS headquarters.

Individual components of the meeting are also available:

  • Technical paper PDFs to purchase
  • Invited presentation PDFs to purchase
  • Short Course on eVTOL Design as video-on-demand

Note that the TVF2022 Workforce & Diversity panel recording is available for free to the public. Learn more at www.vtol.org/DiversiFlite.

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