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Uber Elevate Summit (2017)
  • 05 May 2017 01:33 PM
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Uber Elevate Summit (2017)

Uber Technologies hosted its Elevate Summit on April 25-27, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. According to the company, the intent was that: "Leaders from vehicle manufacturing, regulatory bodies, venture capital, and aviation technology will share research and plans for a path forward, and your participation is crucial. We encourage representatives from relevant industries, research institutions and regulatory bodies to join us."

After the Summit, Uber posted: "The Summit was an information-packed three days with 72 industry-leading experts speaking on topics from the Elevate mission, detail about Uber's role in the ecosystem, opportunities and areas of collaboration within the community, and laying out a vision for the path towards initial urban eVTOL operations."

Videos and presentations from the event are available at: https://www.uber.com/info/elevate/summit/

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