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Uber Partners with ChargePoint to Develop VTOL Charging Solutions
  • 25 Apr 2017 01:20 PM
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Uber Partners with ChargePoint to Develop VTOL Charging Solutions

Background Overview:

Uber has partnered with ChargePoint to develop charging solutions that will fit any vertical take-off and landing vehicle (VTOL) manufactured. Chargepoint will design, develop, and manufacture these solutions for utilization at Uber Elevate Vertiports by 2020.

As Uber works toward our long-term goal of operating a network of electric VTOL vehicles worldwide, ChargePoint will support the network by developing charging technologies for use at vertiport sites. The solutions it develops will be crucial to scaling the availability of VTOLs in cities around the world.

Additional partnership details include:

  • ChargePoint will commit to developing charging solutions that work with any type of VTOL vehicle produced for an Uber VTOL network.
  • Under the partnership, ChargePoint will develop VTOL charging solutions for the Uber Elevate network.

“As Uber works to bring vertical take-off and landing vehicles to the world, we sought out the most innovative, forward leaning companies to create the necessary elements to scale this product. Rapid recharging is essential to this vision. ChargePoint has proven its unmatched ability to build, support and scale electric vehicle charging networks and now together, we will make VTOLs a reality.”

Nikhil Goel, Uber’s Head of Product for Advanced Programs

"ChargePoint’s commitment to e-mobility is what inspired us to create the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network and a portfolio of charging solutions for every category of EV driving. We continue to build upon that foundation by creating solutions for the electrified mobility models of tomorrow, regardless of whether they fly, float or roll. In this spirit we are pleased to partner with Uber to help make the vision of the UberElevate program into a reality in a few short years.”

Pasquale Romano, President and CEO, ChargePoint, Inc.

Please find a press kit, including pictures attributable to Uber Technologies, Inc., here.  For any additional questions, please contact Matthew Wing at wing@uber.com and learn more about Uber Elevate here.

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