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Uber Partners with Dubai RTA to Launch VTOL Network in Dubai
  • 25 Apr 2017 12:37 PM
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Uber Partners with Dubai RTA to Launch VTOL Network in Dubai

Background Overview:

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is partnering with Uber to launch a demonstration transportation network of vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (VTOLs) by 2020.  As part of this partnership, Uber and Dubai RTA will conduct a joint study into pricing models, people movement, and determining where VTOL routes should be created in the city.  The partnership will result in everything from hover and forward flight tests to actual flight operations in the Dubai area.

Our goal is to launch an Elevate flight demonstration with passengers in Dubai in conjunction with the World Expo in October of 2020.

Additional partnership details:

  • Uber and Dubai RTA will work together to identify usable take-off and landing locations, called vertiports, around the city.

“VTOLs have the potential to improve urban mobility for millions and partnering with a tech forward city, like Dubai, will give us an innovative partner to advance this technology into its next stage: real-world testing. We hope to amaze the world with this incredible technology at the World Expo in Dubai in 2020.”

Chris Free, General Manager of UAE, Uber

Please find a press kit, including pictures attributable to Uber Technologies, Inc., here.  For any additional questions, please contact Matthew Wing at wing@uber.com and learn more about Uber Elevate here.

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