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Uber Partners with Embraer to Manufacture Electric VTOLs
  • 25 Apr 2017 12:39 PM
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Uber Partners with Embraer to Manufacture Electric VTOLs

Background Overview:

Uber has signed a partnership with Embraer for large-scale deployment of electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs) in order to fulfill its mission of providing a safe, reliable transportation service to everyone, everywhere. The goal of this partnership is to enable users of a future Uber Elevate Network to request an Embraer electric VTOL.

Additional partnership details include:

  • Uber plans to operate a network through which electric VTOL vehicles in numerous cities worldwide will provide transportation and delivery logistics services.
  • Uber and Embraer’s joint goal is for initial vehicles to be used in a flight demonstration by 2020.
  • Embraer will develop aircraft to satisfy short distance urban operations as the basis for the VTOL performance specifications.
  • Uber will participate in the development of airspace control software and hardware for the management of Pilot VTOLs on the Elevate Network, and provide interface connectivity with airspace controllers/regulators.

“We share Uber’s revolutionary vision that the state of transportation in congested cities is ripe for innovative solutions, such as on-demand aviation. Embraer’s leadership roles in commercial and business aviation were attained through the introduction of disruptive aircraft and services, and we are confident that our DNA will add value to new concepts in urban transportation as well.”  

- Antonio Campello, Vice President for Corporate Innovation

“Embraer is the leading manufacturer of regional jets worldwide and one of Uber’s most experience partners in this space. Their knowledge of certifying fly-by-wire aircraft, and their confidence that they can similarly bring fly-by-wire technology affordably to these much smaller aircraft is an essential ingredient for our success.”

- Mark Moore, Director of Engineering for Aviation for Uber

Please find a press kit, including pictures attributable to Uber Technologies, Inc., here.  For any additional questions, please contact Matthew Wing at wing@uber.com and learn more about Uber Elevate here.

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