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White House Supports eVTOL
  • 11 Sep 2019 09:30 AM
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White House Supports eVTOL

On Aug. 30, 2019, the Trump Administration issued Policy Memorandum M-19-25, FY 2021 Administration Research and Development Budget Priorities (9 pages, 2.08 MB):

This Fiscal Year 2021 (FY2021) R&D Budget Priorities memorandum provides direction to enable this Second Bold Era as part of a longer-term, multisector, national strategy to advance bold, transformational leaps in S&T, build a diverse workforce of the future, solve previously intractable grand challenges, and ensure America remains the global S&T leader for generations to come.


For FY2021, the five R&D budgetary priorities in this memorandum ensure that America remains at the forefront of scientific progress, national and economic security, and personal well-being, while continuing to serve as the standard-bearer for today's emerging technologies and Industries of the Future....

2. American Leadership in Industries of the Future

The Trump Administration continues to prioritize the technologies that power Industries of the Future (lotF). These industries promise to fuel American prosperity, improve quality of life and national security, and create high-paying jobs for American workers. Sustained, strategic R&D investment in these emerging technologies and the materials, manufacturing, and computing that support them will advance American S&T leadership in the short term and catalyze discoveries and innovations that will shape the global S&T landscape for the decades ahead....

Advanced Communications Networks and Autonomy: Departments and agencies should support the development and deployment of advanced communications networks by prioritizing R&D consistent with the National Spectrum R&D Strategy. They should prioritize R&D to lower barriers to the deployment of surface, air, and marine autonomous vehicles with a focus on developing operating standards, integration approaches, traffic management systems, and defense/security operations. Departments and agencies should prioritize R&D that enables electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing and civil supersonic aircraft, including for type certification, the creation of over-land supersonic flight noise standards, and low-sonic-boom aircraft research.....

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) are responsible for the interagency coordination and development of technical reports, strategy documents, and policy memos concerning various scientific and technological topics of importance to the Nation.

The Vertical Flight Society thanks the Administration for recognizing the transformative capabilities that electric VTOL technologies promise. With more than 200 eVTOL concepts now being explored around the world, it is critical that governments nurture this burgeoning industry and support its growth. If the White House wants to see America lead in eVTOL, VFS encourages the Administration to support the FY2021 “R&D Budget Priorities” memo with real investments. NASA and the Department of Transportation have committed some resources towards eVTOL/urban air mobility over the past several years but more is needed to speed this revolutionary capability to the public benefit.

Several aerospace organizations, including the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and the Vertical Flight Society (VFS) have met with and have been supporting OSTP in taking this initiative.

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