VFS at CES2019

The Vertical Flight Society was actively engaged in the CES 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Jan. 8–11, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. See below for panel reports, photos and a consolidation of news on the Bell Nexus air taxi.

CES 2019 Panel: Future of Transportation

CES 2019 Panel:
"The Future of Transportation"

By Jim Sherman

Once again, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest assembly of the latest and greatest consumer technology from around the world, kicked off in Las Vegas Jan. 8-11, 2019. And as usual the Consumer Technology Association assembled some very exciting conference sessions, especially in mobility and transportation.


CES 2019 Panel: Flying Taxis

CES 2019 Panel:
"Flying Taxis. Build Them, But Will They Come?"

By Jim Sherman

Once again, the consumer technology world put its focus on Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest assembly of the latest and greatest technology — from phones and TVs, to drones, cars and, yes even VTOL aircraft and a yacht. This year, the Consumer Technology Association...

Bell Nexus over Dallas Texas

Bell Reveals Nexus Air Taxi

Jan. 7, 2019

The Vertical Flight Society Salutes Bell’s Nexus eVTOL Air Taxi Design
Bell Executive Thacker to Keynote Upcoming VFS eVTOL Symposium

Fairfax, Virginia, USA — The Vertical Flight Society, the world’s leading non-profit organization working to advance vertical flight, salutes...

Kitty Hawk Cora (white, in CA)

Kitty Hawk Cora – Year in Review

In a year-end report, Kitty Hawk Corporation provided an update on the two-seat Cora eVTOL aircraft first unveiled in March 2018, which is now undergoing autonomous flight-testing in California and New Zealand.

Founded in March 2010 as Zee.aero by Stanford professor Ilan Kroo, the company developed proof of concept (POC) eVTOL aircraft in secret for seven years before publically unveiling the Flyer prototype in 2017 and the 12-propeller fixed-wing Cora air taxi a year later.


Terrafugia Unveils New TF-2

At the National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAABACE) held Oct. 16–18, 2018 in Orlando, Florida, flying car company Terrafugia announced that it had down-selected to a single approach for its multi-modal passenger and cargo-carrying transportation system. The company was previously considering two approaches for its TF-2 eVTOL aircraft: one with separate lift and thrusting propellers and the other with tilting propellers. The company...

Boeing and SparkCognition Launch SkyGrid

Boeing and SparkCognition announced plans in November to launch a joint venture, SkyGrid, which will develop a software platform to ensure the safe, secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles in the global airspace. Using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence-enabled dynamic traffic routing, data analytics and cybersecurity features, SkyGrid's platform will go beyond unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management (UTM). The platform will enable SkyGrid...

Fantastic eVTOL Forecasts

In November, Roland Berger, a strategy consulting firm headquartered in Munich, Germany, released a study dubbed, “Urban air mobility — The rise of a new mode of transportation.” In it, the company noted that “pilot projects are already scheduled to go live in cities like Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles and Dallas in the early 2020s,” and predicted about 3,000 passenger drones would be in use by 2025, followed by exponential growth; Roland Berger forecast that, by 2050, “close to...

Bell Broadens its eVTOL Team

Bell announced new membership in its eVTOL air taxi development team. In addition to various companies revealed over the past several months — including Garmin, Honeywell and Safran — the Ft. Worth, Texas, company announced that Thales, Electric Power Systems (EPS) and Moog would also join its team. Bell meanwhile published another patent on Oct. 23, which showed another possible eVTOL approach that the company may be pursing. US patent 10,106,253 B2, “Tilting ducted fan aircraft...

Workhorse Gathers Momentum

On Nov. 29, the Workhorse Group flew its SureFly hybrid-electric quadcopter demonstrator at the Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. The SureFly performed slow forward hovering flights of approximately 100 yards (100 m) at skid heights up to about 10 ft (3 m). In addition, Workhorse signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement in late November with an unspecified “branch of the U.S. Military.” The company stated that “the CRADA will enable a collaborative...