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Access Skyways
  • 20 Dec 2020 05:19 PM
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Access Skyways

On Oct. 23, Dallas, Texas-based Jaunt Air Mobility announced that it was launching Access Skyways, a group of partner companies providing expertise to support the integration of AAM. Jaunt announced memorandums of understanding with PS&S Integrated Services, an architectural and engineering firm with experience in vertiport design, and PRICE Systems, which specializes in predictive cost modeling and has the capability to calculate passenger demand for air taxi services. Jaunt said it is currently working with operators and other AAM initiatives globally. “As a company, we recognize the importance of developing operational requirements to design safe and accessible vertiports,” noted Simon Briceno, Jaunt Chief Commercial Officer. “Our Access Skyways partners bring significant experience to the process — from concept to operations.”

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