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Odys Unveils Laila VTOL UAS
  • 21 Dec 2023 01:16 AM
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Odys Unveils Laila VTOL UAS

Odys Aviation is developing a multi-role uncrewed VTOL UAS, according to a Nov. 30 report by Future Flight. The California based eVTOL developer is planning to design the Laila for logistics missions and has secured funding from the US Department of Defense for 10 pre-series-production aircraft, delivery of which is expected to begin in 2025. The Laila is expected to have a payload capacity of 130 lb (59 kg) and range of 450 miles (724 km). It will feature the same flap-based thrust vectoring system that will go on the company’s planned nine-passenger, hybrid-electric VTOL regional airliner.

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