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Japanese flying car developer SkyDrive announced Sept. 30 that it secured $14M through third-party share issuance funding and subsidies, for a total of $18.5M raised. In addition, manned test flights will begin this year.

SkyDrive, Inc. was established by the members of Cartivator— a group of aircraft, drones and automotive engineers. In December 2018, the first Japanese outdoor flight test of a flying car (unmanned) was conducted with regular testing throughout 2019. Japan's largest flying car flight test field was opened in Toyota City in June 2019 as part of a “partnership agreement of flying car development for the creation of new industries” with the cooperation of Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City. SkyDrive said that development for this year’s manned flight test launch is underway, as well as preparation for the flight demonstration in summer of 2020 and sales release in 2023.

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